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Hazel & PawDaily

Three years ago my 11 year old Border Collie could no longer walk up or down the stairs, could barely walk around the block. I took her to the vet $1200 later they told me there was nothing they could do & prescribed a painkiller, they said, would have to be taken the rest of her life.The painkillers knocked her out, did nothing for her quality of life.

I started her on Pawtanical's PawDaily oil a few weeks after the bad news from the vet. Within 2 weeks of adding the oil to Hazels food she was walking down the stairs, slowly but surely we were taking little walks. After a month she was doing full hour walks and able to get up the stairs. 

I feel the oil healing her original injury then proceeded to rejuvenate her whole body. She has now been taking the oil for 3 years. She is like a puppy again. Her energy level is as it was when she was young. Her teeth, legs, eyes and fur are so healthy. 

I am so grateful for Pawtanical, Hazel is now 14 now and I feel like I have a Puppy!

- Monic E & Hazel