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Len & PawDaily

Hi there I just wanted to thank you for developing this product. I would like to share a little story with you about our dog Len:

Len is a bit over 1yr old. He is our mixed breed rescue dog. We adopted Len back in March. COVID had not quite hit us hard. Len was found with mange, his ear ripped partly off from a fight and skinny. He was taken to a vet clinic and placed with fosters till he could find a home. Our local rescue stepped in and we fell in love with him. Len was very anxious, could not focus on eating a full meal, paced, and found life overwhelming.

We figured we had nothing to lose trying this product. It has made a world of difference! He only goes to the door when he needs outside, he eats his meal all up. It's helped clear his head, and calm him down in order for us to do training on basic commands.

He is still a dog, still himself, just a better version of himself! :)

Thank you,

Jaclyn, Len & Family