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The Paw Blog

PawDaily Dosing Guide

This article reviews the recommended dosing protocol for Pawtanical PawDaily products to help your pup live life the the fullest! Before we get into the specifics of dosing we want to outline some key guidelines that will help you get the most value and effects from PawDaily products. Start low...

Pup of the Month October: Oakley & Oliver

Both Oakley and Oliver are very active hyper young pups. We love incorporating Pawtanical treats into their meals, and daily lives- and since doing so we’ve noticed amazing changes. We’ve working on Oakley’s Anxiety since his adoption, he would cry for hours on end, and at points was destructive beyond...

Hazel & PawDaily

Three years ago my 11 year old Border Collie could no longer walk up or down the stairs, could barely walk around the block. I took her to the vet $1200 later they told me there was nothing they could do & prescribed a painkiller, they said, would have to be...

Len & PawDaily

Check out this testimonial on PawDaily from Jaclyn and her dog Len.

Pup of the Month September: Paisley

Meet Paisley, our Pawtanical Pup of the Month for September 2020!

Meet our Mascot Eros!

Meet Eros the Miniature American Shepherd from Kelowna, BC. The face of Pawtanical!