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Ralph & PawDaily

My name is Kelly and I adopted a 9-year old beagle on July 31, 2020 named Ralph. He spent the entirety of his life in a testing facility where he slept on the concrete floor and a hard rubber bed every day. During his time in this facility he developed intra-vertebral disc disease, more commonly referred to as IVDD. Due to this condition, Ralph was on and off “cage rest” – periods of time up to 3 weeks where he was not allowed outside or with other dogs – and was receiving Meloxicam at a dose of 12kg during those cage rest periods.

When I adopted Ralph, I kept him on Meloxicam, since he was having IVDD flare-ups, due to stress and moving from Ontario to Winnipeg. Right before our move to Winnipeg, which started August 21st, I decided to add PawDaily to his food in the evening. For the start of his treatment, I only gave him half of the recommended dose since I was still administering Meloxicam in the morning. Once we made it to Winnipeg, I withdrew Ralph from Meloxicam and kept him on a half dose of PawDaily oil in the evenings. I started to see vast improvements.

Now, at the start of November, I haven’t had to administer Meloxicam since I moved to Winnipeg and I’ve kept Ralph at a half dose of PawDaily oil. Ralph is now a completely different dog! When I first adopted him, he would hardly walk to the end of my driveway, wouldn’t even attempt the stairs, and just wanted to lay in bed all day. Now, Ralph does the following almost daily: climbs the stairs at record speed, drags me down the road on his 2km morning walk, runs around at the dog park for 30 minutes, and has zoomies around my apartment!

I highly recommend PawDaily oil as a treatment for dogs with chronic pain because it truly does make a difference. I can’t imagine what Ralph’s would have looked like if he remained in that facility, but now I know his life is going to be a happy, long one from now on – fully documented on Instagram @ralphbeagleboy

- Kelly S & Ralph