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Pup of the Month November: Ava & Jet

"How pawfect are these two? Right!?

Since being introduced to Pawtanical Full Spectrum Hemp oil, I notice that these babies transition a lot more smoothly and are able to process command more efficiently. Separation anxiety is a real thing and so is impulsivity. The only change to routine in the last month is the add of the PAwDaily oil and I see a difference. Jet is very much a teenager but now he isn’t getting overwhelmed with distractions and impulsions (especially when given a command). Ava, sweet Ava, is quiet in her crate this week and has been able to process our leaving home as unthreatening. Bed time’s a piece of cake and it’s been this way since we upped her dose to the recommended therapeutic level for effect (0.5 ml).

Thank you @pawtanical 🐾 “

- Follow Ava & Jet's story on instagram @livingthemaslife