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Pup of the Month January: Leena & Larry

We use Pawtanical PawDaily Full Spectrum oil for both Leena & Larry, and I cannot say enough wonderful things about this product. Working long hours at the hospital means some days are long and boring for the dogs, giving them anxiety and restlessness. So, giving them Full Spectrum Hemp oil to help aid in separation anxiety has worked wonders! I’ve noticed how relaxed they are, and it gives peace of mind knowing they are calm & content. Another huge benefit I’ve noticed is that Larry has stopped chewing his paws, whether it was from anxiety or allergies causing inflammation - that has now resided! That is 100% a game changer for me!

Oh, and have you tried their spa products, such as the shampoo? It smells divine, and leaves their coats to healthy & shiny!

We love Pawtanical!

- Leena, Larry, & Family

Follow them on Instragram @leena_and_larry